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Ceramic Quail

These beautiful ceramic quail are hand-decorated and imported from the Provence Region of the South of France. The forms are timeless and serene. The glazing, colors and decorations are subtle and lovely.

The quail are currently only available in black/dark brown with white arrows and grey spots as their mottling. They are available in two sizes/styles: Upright or Pecking. They can be grouped or mixed as you wish and as best fits your home. They look best as a pair.

Ceramic quail in black

Name: Quail - black with white mottling

Description: These enchanting quail are available in two variations - pecking and upright. The quail pecking is slightly larger than the upright quail. They are both black/dark brown quail with white arrows and grey spots as their mottling. They look best as a pair.

Size: Upright (15 x 10 x 13 cm); pecking (19 x 11 x 13 cm)

Price: Upright £40 each; pecking £45 each

Postage: Within UK £7.50

Carriage insurance: Insurance included with postage cost

How to order

Please send us a request to contact you using the message service on the Contact page or give Suki a call. Her phone number is on this page.

Suki will be able to discuss your order and provide you with accurate pricing including postage and packing and insurance (if desired). You will then be able to make your payment via our Payment page on this site.